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I was a victim of a series of accidents

as are we all

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Birthdate:May 30
Fera Festiva: Lifelong and incorrigible fangirl. Slowly ageing demigoth. Godless liberal, unmitigated dork, hardened cynic, hopeless romantic, caffeine addict. I like music that makes me sad and TV aimed at children. I like to glue things together, and rip other things apart. I like pizza and epoxy resin, but not together.

Friending. If you friend me, there is a good chance I will friend you back if we have ever interacted, or if we have any friends/communities/interests in common. I like new friends and for all that I profess to hate everything I promise I don't bite. If your journal is empty, if have no idea who you are, or if you look like a spambot, no. I lock very few of my posts and, in any case, like to hear from random people. Hello!

Kids! In the adult books! I don't generally screen my posts for "adult content" or anything along those lines, because I'd rather let you decide for yourself if something is suitable for you to read. I will always cut, and warn outside the cut, for anything obviously triggering or offensive. (And feel free to let me know if I should have warned for something and didn't.) However: this is the journal of an adult and I sometimes, not all the time, write about adult things. These will include sex, drugs, left-wing politics, violence and creative, gratuitous swearing. On a related note:

Age statement, in case anyone still uses them. I'm well over 18.

Transformative works policy. Feel free to make art, podfic, fic, fanmixes, whatever you like for anything I've produced - I will be flattered. All I ask is that you a) include a link back to my journal and the work, and b) let me know that you've done it (largely because it's very flattering and I want to bask in it). You are free to use my art in graphics etc, though in this case I'd prefer if you checked first. Please do not host my unaltered work anywhere without asking me for permission first (e.g. please don't put my art on Tumblr).

Other places. I am something of a jack-of-all-trades. Here are some of the other things I get up to:

★ Etsy shop: Kafoozalum, for handmade resin jewellery, textiles, embroidery and other things depending on what I feel like making at the moment.
★ I talk nonsense constantly as @CornishCalzone on Twitter.
★ On that note, I post macros, random pictures and links and other such miscellany too short for LJ but too long for Twitter as Fuck Yeah Fera Festiva over on Tumblr.
★ I run Clipart Covers.
★ Some of my art and photography can be found on DeviantArt.
★ My Livejournal, which more or less acts as a backup for this journal these days: Fera Festiva.

Feel free to add/follow me anywhere you like.

Alternatively, contact me:

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angsty handjobs, bellowhead, bostik, boys shagging each other, boys who wear nail polish, bruce springsteen: gqmf, coffee, country music, crochet, daydreams, drawing crap, epoxy resin, fangirl japanese, feminism, folk music, gay wizards of all kinds, glue guns, gluing things to other things, goths, gratuitous smut, haruki murakami, hot springs, icelandic wool, knitting, kohl eyeliner, kurt vonnegut, legend of zelda, making crap, marxism, medieval gay, metalheads, nofx, people called gwen, porn, quilting, rancid, remus/sirius, sharp cheddar, slash fic, socialism, stapling things to other things, star wars original trilogy, strange places, strawberry jam, swearing, the empire strikes back, the ramones, the unthanks, ventolin, wanderlust, weeaboo, writing crap, yaoi
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